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3 Run Waistband Simplicity 10K Purple Stretchy Dash w Layered Adult Fun Ballerina Tutu XCWqBpx

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Advertising Analytics for B2B, Ecommerce, Enterprises and Agencies

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Automatically pull in campaign spend data to compare performance across sources.

See your TRUE return on ad spend.

Attribution is the only platform that pulls your cost data from all major ad platforms, correlates that cost to specific users or accounts, then tracks revenue from those touches over time.

Eliminate Duplicate Tracking

Use multi-touch attribution models to accurately spread credit across all sources, including ad platforms, social channels and organic.

Cohort Based Lifetime Value Reporting

See your return on ad spend by cohort - giving you more clarity on how long it takes your ad spend to break-even and providing true LTV on users or accounts.

Drill down to individual users or roll everything up to an account

3 Fun Simplicity Run Purple Adult Dash Tutu Ballerina 10K Stretchy Waistband w Layered You can audit every click, conversion and revenue allocation, so that you will KNOW the data is accurate.

Dash 3 Stretchy Ballerina Waistband Fun Tutu Simplicity Purple Layered w Run Adult 10K See the Full Customer Journey

Drill-down and audit individual users, view what they bought, how much total revenue they have generated, and how much it cost you to acquire them.

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Account-Based Attribution

Designate an account structure and set rules for tracking cost, visits and conversions at the account level.

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First-touch, last touch, linear, time-decay and position based models included on all plans. Add rules to your models to exclude direct traffic, certain user types and even touches that happened after specific events.

More Reasons You’ll Love Attribution

You really need to see it to believe it. Schedule your demo today.

Configurations to Match Your Business Type

Attribution isn’t one size fits all. Whether your an eCommerce business, a SaaS subscription company or a Fortune 1000 Enterprise, we will implement the right configuration for you.

FAST Setup

Yes, we said custom configuration (see above) for you AND fast setup. Others will tell you they’re fast, but we’re FAST - How’s ‘today’ sound to you? Your engineers are going to love the sound of that!

Audit Everything

We're not a black box. You can get to the bottom of every number, and our numbers will match your numbers (with a fancy model on them of course).

Save Money

We’re currently the most cost effective solution in our class, and we’re not going to nickle and dime you over connectors, MTUs, or even custom models. Crazy right?

Save MORE Money

For the first time you'll have transparency into the ROI of your campaigns. Kill the poor performers and double down on the winners!

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