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    Bellomassi receives its containers by sea through Ajman, Sharjah and Jabel Ali ports, where our logistic team ensures that all imports are cleared efficiently. The consignments are offloaded in HACCAP certified warehouses having municipality inspections in every cargo, and assuring that UAE guidelines for food import are met.

    All deliveries within the 7 Emirates are done in temperature controlled vans and trucks, which are frequently serviced in authorized workshops, guaranteeing a comprehensive coverage around the country year-round.

    Bellomassi also offers third party logistic services to other importers, from clearing and forwarding to warehousing and distribution.

    Storage: Bellomassi has been providing pallet storage solutions in warehouses located in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Sharjah. The use of drive-in racking system allows fast moving inventory turnover and FIFO stock rotation policy within Bellomassi’s warehouses. Every pallet is accessible at any time, reducing the frequency of travel and man work. All available state of art equipment aims to lower handling costs, reduce operational time, conserve floor space and prevent injuries, avoiding any potential harm to the business.

    160647MF Mocassins Black 1488 Women Maritan

    Distribution Channels


    Looking to fulfil the end consumer’s demands of quality products, Bellomassi supplies its refrigerated products to groceries and supermarkets. Consolidating products from various origins, it offers a state-of-the-art storage and reliable timely distribution to retail outlets.

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    Food Service

    The UAE has become a top destination for business and tourists from all over the world. As a consequence, the increasing demand of food in restaurants and catering has given Bellomassi an opportunity to supply a variety of worldwide products throughout its food service channel.

    Van Sales

    Nowadays, in modern life, people prefer to do groceries from their neighbourhood shops for its convenience. For that reason, Bellomassi’s van sales team assures that supplies reach small and middle size groceries, delivering goods frequently in this planned route-to-market.


    Bellomassi secures adequate coverage in partnership with wholesalers, whom contributes for the products to reach unexplored markets and areas across the UAE.

    Contact Us

    Maritan 160647MF Black 1488 Women Mocassins CARRERS: At Bellomassi, we believe that people come first and they are our biggest assets. We are looking for passionate, energetic, team players, who are enthusiastic and who are willing to enjoy the challenges of working with us.
    E-mail your CV to hr@bellomassifoods.com.

    SALES ENQUIRES: For all sales related enquiries or to talk to us about distribution, please send an e-mail to sales@bellomassifoods.com

    04 394 1763

    Location Map