Capture & Release

Symbols that hurt

Dear Readers:

Phd work is a lonely, progressive, and exhausting process. I read. I edit. At times, I am not sure if I make progress, and then reread it and fall in love with my work. Then I took a workshop on how to get better and find that I missed most of the important parts, so I edit, read, and write again. It is constant change. It an be stressful.

I use meditation to cope positively. It works well, and even clarifies my world. Learn. Change. Capture. Release. Change. That is my world right now. This is a beautiful world that I am crafting for myself also. As the work is a self journey, it is rewarded to the self.

Working on my phd has changed my life. The change is good. This time, for the first time, I gave into change without actually needing change. I embraced the change while embracing new knowledge. This forum is going from personal to literal, so enjoy the change. I will include theories, perspectives, findings that will not be in my dissertation, verbatim. Enjoy the journey with me.

Love, Ms. Change Rider


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