My computer is my resource that I can not do without. I remember I took my erasable typewriter that I saved up for months to college with me. It was the latest and greatest in typing technology at the time, and I was to proud to have it. Nowadays, I cannot leave home without my laptop. It is my entertainment, my work resource, my window to the world of information. I read, research, and watch everyday on my laptop.

Since my  last posts, I have changed schools, opting for a brick-and-mortar instead of the web based doctorate school program that helped me become a better writer. I now realize that this journey led by blind faith alone…one, because I applied and then forgot about it…two, because I literally said yes, and enrolled and began classes in the new program in two days, has led me to a plethora of networks.

Network used in the most intimate meaning of the word, meaning resources of human capital. I am studying business so follow me into this business rabbit hole, for a second. In all businesses, I notice that there are two intimates that are dear, technology and human resources. I personally hold these dear also. So, I ask myself as I search for dissertation topics, is there a positive, futuristic relationship with human resources and technology? How will this relationship shape the future? As the college resource has morphed from a typewriter to a backpack sized computer, how has the growth of human resources grown?  What is the future of human resources and technology? Where will this ‘network’ take us?

Could technology take over human resources? Hmmm. I would love to hear your comments or concerns.






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