As a phd student, my life has changed drastically. I used to either swing from being a stay at home mom with a part-time job as a librarian, or in the corporate jungle making decisions, signing away large bills for capitol improvement projects, and now I wear a backpack, keep my favorite teas handy and meditate.

Meditation helps me so much. I learned transcendental mediation when I began working thanks to a David Lynch Scholarship to help me learn the technique. It has helped me stay focused. It has not written my papers for me – I’m still working on that trick. The stress levels of phd rigorous of learning new concepts, searching for valuable resources, attending pertinent webinars, and working diligently has its toil, and meditation has helped me remain calm through it all. It helps me with organizing my thoughts and removing the negative self damaging …falsehoods.

My phd journey has begun and the future looks bright!



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