Milo still to me illustrates how tired he is of fighting the establishment. For the record, I like you Milo – keep saying whatever you like and no I do not give you a straight pass on all things that you say are in my alignment of opinions. But aren’t we in America – where opinions can be given and not suppose to held against you? Not true in experience, but in theory – its the gold standard. In this innovative interview with his almost protege, James Demore, now known as JD, since the trendy haircut is everything. Everyone knows the story, Engineer and Master JD gave his opinion, referencing journal article studies, the opinion went viral after disrupting work at Google departments worldwide, then Google fired him for having the wrong opinion, the press tried to hang him, and his colleagues walked away with their heads hung low, or ostracized him.

Is there any room for a different opinion when a majority decides something is the wrong opinion? When is it ok to disagree and walk away, to only ‘sink into the sunken place’ of no options to give, instead of freely communicating? Is there a cult following of opinionates that set the tone of what we all think, without science based facts. Yes, be careful, how you answer because the thought police are onto you.




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