Kesha is a St. Louis, Missouri native and graduate of Wilberforce University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering Physics, and a MBA from William Woods University.

She has lived in Fairfield for the past few years working in the Media & Communications Department of Maharishi University, and now the International Business Program, helping South African Bachelor and Master seeking degree students earn diplomas.

She is very active at serving the community through volunteering and various interests projects. Kesha actively serves as the regional civil rights chair for her political party, chair emeritus on a national regional health equity council, and served for five years as an environmental commissioner for Jefferson City, Missouri.

As a mom, Kesha spends most of her time ferrying her teen to various sporting & school events, reading, and volunteering. When not working with students at Maharishi University, doing mom activities, or volunteering, Kesha likes to be outdoors picnicking in the Iowa parks, reading, and enjoying cozy camp fires with friends.

Kesha prides herself on helping students navigate their university classroom settings and has a goal of serving her community, and completing her PhD in business management at Maharishi University.