Did you like my draft video?

I spent a lot of drafting that video to speak for me to you. This is the beginning of my “Kesha” brand.

I wish to know which ways I can help you with the knowledge I gained from education.

My bio is listed on this site – and I have included a contact form below to gather information on who needs my help and how. 🙂

Post a comment telling me what you think I should update on my draft video. Just in case, the video is posted on my FB page  -click here to access- or access it right here.





Aggression in Opinions

Milo still to me illustrates how tired he is of fighting the establishment. For the record, I like you Milo – keep saying whatever you like and no I do not give you a straight pass on all things that you say are in my alignment of opinions. But aren’t we in America – where opinions can be given and not suppose to held against you? Not true in experience, but in theory – its the gold standard. In this innovative interview with his almost protege, James Demore, now known as JD, since the trendy haircut is everything. Everyone knows the story, Engineer and Master JD gave his opinion, referencing journal article studies, the opinion went viral after disrupting work at Google departments worldwide, then Google fired him for having the wrong opinion, the press tried to hang him, and his colleagues walked away with their heads hung low, or ostracized him.

Is there any room for a different opinion when a majority decides something is the wrong opinion? When is it ok to disagree and walk away, to only ‘sink into the sunken place’ of no options to give, instead of freely communicating? Is there a cult following of opinionates that set the tone of what we all think, without science based facts. Yes, be careful, how you answer because the thought police are onto you.



The Journey Began

As a phd student, my life has changed drastically. I used to either swing from being a stay at home mom with a part-time job as a librarian, or in the corporate jungle making decisions, signing away large bills for capitol improvement projects, and now I wear a backpack, keep my favorite teas handy and meditate.

Meditation helps me so much. I learned transcendental mediation when I began working thanks to a David Lynch Scholarship to help me learn the technique. It has helped me stay focused. It has not written my papers for me – I’m still working on that trick. The stress levels of phd rigorous of learning new concepts, searching for valuable resources, attending pertinent webinars, and working diligently has its toil, and meditation has helped me remain calm through it all. It helps me with organizing my thoughts and removing the negative self damaging …falsehoods.

My phd journey has begun and the future looks bright!


The Network

My computer is my resource that I can not do without. I remember I took my erasable typewriter that I saved up for months to college with me. It was the latest and greatest in typing technology at the time, and I was to proud to have it. Nowadays, I cannot leave home without my laptop. It is my entertainment, my work resource, my window to the world of information. I read, research, and watch everyday on my laptop.

Since my  last posts, I have changed schools, opting for a brick-and-mortar instead of the web based doctorate school program that helped me become a better writer. I now realize that this journey led by blind faith alone…one, because I applied and then forgot about it…two, because I literally said yes, and enrolled and began classes in the new program in two days, has led me to a plethora of networks.

Network used in the most intimate meaning of the word, meaning resources of human capital. I am studying business so follow me into this business rabbit hole, for a second. In all businesses, I notice that there are two intimates that are dear, technology and human resources. I personally hold these dear also. So, I ask myself as I search for dissertation topics, is there a positive, futuristic relationship with human resources and technology? How will this relationship shape the future? As the college resource has morphed from a typewriter to a backpack sized computer, how has the growth of human resources grown?  What is the future of human resources and technology? Where will this ‘network’ take us?

Could technology take over human resources? Hmmm. I would love to hear your comments or concerns.





Capture & Release

Symbols that hurt

Dear Readers:

Phd work is a lonely, progressive, and exhausting process. I read. I edit. At times, I am not sure if I make progress, and then reread it and fall in love with my work. Then I took a workshop on how to get better and find that I missed most of the important parts, so I edit, read, and write again. It is constant change. It an be stressful.

I use meditation to cope positively. It works well, and even clarifies my world. Learn. Change. Capture. Release. Change. That is my world right now. This is a beautiful world that I am crafting for myself also. As the work is a self journey, it is rewarded to the self.

Working on my phd has changed my life. The change is good. This time, for the first time, I gave into change without actually needing change. I embraced the change while embracing new knowledge. This forum is going from personal to literal, so enjoy the change. I will include theories, perspectives, findings that will not be in my dissertation, verbatim. Enjoy the journey with me.

Love, Ms. Change Rider

Big, Tall, & Busy

Dear Coffeeshop Attendant,

I am in need of your biggest, tallest coffee today. I did not rest well. I stayed up reading and organizing, and submitting my class assignment. Then I had to watch an episode of Dallas, in order to get relaxed. And of course, one episode turned into two. So, now you know why I am so sleepy, and in need of your tallest and biggest coffee cup. “Someone” bought me a coffeemaker, but I am too tired to make my own, so I rely on you. Be dependable.

As always,

Ms. Busy


1st Blog, then reason

Dear Blog Reader,

This is my life,  and I am Kesha. Usually I am very private, so having a blog is going to be very different. I need this forum to use my creativity and write. I am working on a phd in business and need a place to discover, share, and capture all of the information that I have been processing. It has been a lot of new information to organize and share. I hope this helps someone else as much as I hope it helps me.

Much love,